Lighting & Styling Training Courses


Learn to take key creative decisions and use StyleShoots to achieve any look you want.


You always need creative skills for styling, lighting, studio workflow and design of a brand style guide. That's why we have developed the Training Course. Our trained specialist will show you all the ins and outs of StyleShoots, enable your team to make key creative decisions and give you the secrets to make your photo sessions super productive.


Your team will learn to:


Prepare your day of shooting

Use the right tools and accessories

Handle lighting for different looks


Style garments for flat, mannequin and model photography


Best practices on file handling


Develop and enhance your style guide


By the end of the course your team can take key creative decisions and will know how to use StyleShoots to create any look. Your team will also receive our book on styling and lighting for later reference.


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What's the duration of the course?

Two days. The agenda is customized to suit your needs.


Where does the course take place?

Our trained specialist will be on your site. If you don't run your own studio, no worries - the training can take place at one of our fully equipped showrooms.


Do I need to prepare?

This is a hands on learning course so we will be using your studio and need to have demo clothes for the training.


I don't own a StyleShoots machine. Can I still get trained?

Yes. The course can be adapted to the studio you run, even if you don't have a StyleShoots machine.


I want to set up a photo studio. Can you help me with that?

Yes. We can help you plan and equip your future studio. We can even help you recruit the right people to run it.



Let's make the most of your StyleShoots machine.