Using the Photos screen

Photos is the first screen you see when you open the StyleShoots iPad app. It's like a to-do list where you can see all the photos you have just taken.

Before exporting, your can review your photos, rename them and delete the ones you don't want to keep. Once you are happy with all your photos, you export them.

When your photos are exported, they leave the Photos screen and are no longer on StyleShoots.

If you have Auto Export enabled, the Photos screen will always appear empty and you won't be able to review, edit or view export status.

Viewing photos

  1. Tap the photo you want to view.

  2. You can pinch to zoom in and out.

  3. Tap the Eye icon to reveal the transparency.

  4. Swipe sideways to see the next or previous photos.

In the full screen view you can also Edit the name, Add to Overlays and mark photos for deletion. See the following sections.

Editing Name and Category

If you need to edit the name or category of an image, tap Edit.

In the Edit panel, you can modify the name and category as you like. If you don't see the Category field, make sure Categories are enabled in Settings.

Once you are done editing, tap Save.

Adding to Overlays

You can add the currently viewed photo to Overlays and use it later as a styling guide in Live View.

  1. Tap the Overlays icon.

  2. Tap Add to Overlays.

  3. Your image is now added to your Overlays collection, so you can access it in Live View.

Deleting Photos

You can choose which photos the export, and which to discard. If you have experimented with different styling or lighting, you will want to only export the best ones and delete the rest.

  1. In the Photos screen, tap the Check Mark icon of an image to toggle it into a Delete icon. If you change your mind, just tap the icon again.

  2. Once you've marked all the images you want to delete, tap Delete at the top of the screen.

  3. Tap Delete x photos to confirm. The images are now discarded.

Exporting Photos

To export your photos, tap Export... at the top of the screen. The Export Panel will then appear to let you select a storage volume, a folder and which Export Presets to generate.

  1. In the Export Panel, choose a target volume.

  2. You will now see a list of the folders inside the STYLESHOOTS directory of your selected volume.

  3. Pick a folder or enter a create a new one by typing in the New folder... field.

    1. TIP: You can make two folder levels by using /, for example: summer/shorts

  4. To change which Export Presets will be created, tap the Export Presets row.

  5. Tap Export to start the exporting.

The system will check up front if there is enough storage available and notify you.

Tip: You will only see volumes that are currently available. If you see no volumes at all, try inserting another USB stick into StyleShoots.

Export Status

Checking the progress of an ongoing export

  1. Tap Exporting x photos... at the top of the Photos screen.

  2. A panel will show you a live status of the export progress along with key info like amount of photos, number of export presets and estimated storage required.

  3. You can stop the export by tapping Stop Export. Photos not yet exported will return to the Photos screen.

Viewing details of your latest export

  1. Tap Latest export... at the top of the Photos screen.

  2. A panel will show you key info on the last completed export.