My image is too dark / bright. Can I compensate?

In the lower right corner of Live View, you can adjust brightness of the image. In addition, you can try turning some of the lights on or off, to play with the light balance between different areas of your product. You can also make areas of the image brighter or darker by editing the final files with e.g. Photoshop. PNG, TIFF or CR2 are best suited for manual editing.

TIP: If you are not sure about exposure, the safest is to go one step darker. Once an area goes completely white (burn out) the details in that area cannot be recovered.


Can I adjust the settings of the camera?

Every part of StyleShoots is carefully fine tuned to let the system perform its task in the best possible way. When you adjust the exposure, you are effectively changing the shutter speed of the camera. Aperture, ISO, and other key settings are controlled by the system and cannot be manually adjusted.


How can I replace a broken bulb?

A: You can easily replace a broken bulb yourself. You can order new bulbs by contacting sales or support.

NB: Make sure you ONLY use the right type of bulbs. Otherwise, colors will be inconsistent in your images. See how to tell which type of bulbs you need.


A shadow appears on top of my images. Why?

If the backlight isn't kept completely clear during the entire calibration process, any objects on the table will become part of Auto Alpha's backlight calibration image. You will then see a silhouette of the object in all subsequent photos taken. Resolve it by doing a complete calibration cycle, making sure to follow the on-screen instructions.


What if I scratch the glass backlight?

It is normal for glass to pick up a few scratches by intense daily use. Once you calibrate StyleShoots, it is clever enough to register and ignore imperfections in the glass.


How do I get the latest software updates?

The latest and greatest software updates and feature enhancement and pushed directly from our servers to your StyleShoots machine. This requires that your machine is turned on and accessible via the internet. The iPad app is updated through Apple's App Store.

To be eligible for the latest software updates, your company must have an active maintenance contract with us.


What is my password for the App Store?

Since iOS 7, you normally won't be needing your password to install the latest updates. Should you need the login, our support team is happy to help you out.


iPad says "Searching for StyleShoots". 
Now what?

If the StyleShoots Controller app says "Searching for StyleShoots", it means the iPad itself cannot find the Wi-Fi hotspot of your StyleShoots machine. Here are a few things you can do:

  1. Check that StyleShoots is turned on (sorry, had to mention it)
  2. Make sure the iPad is connected to the right Wi-Fi network. If you have used the iPad on other networks, it may switch network if it thinks they offer a better signal or higher chance of getting internet connection.
    Check Wi-Fi network: Press the Home Button to quit the StyleShoots app. Open the Settings app and go to Wi-Fi. You should be connected to a network called something like "StyleShoots Model Number 5GHz". If you want to prevent the iPad from switching to a certain network, tap the "i" icon next to that network and choose "Forget this Network".
  3. If the iPad cannot see the Wi-Fi network of StyleShoots, go the Wi-Fi settings (see above) and turn Wi-Fi off and on.

Are files saved as RGB or CMYK?

StyleShoots outputs all files in 8bit RGB format. The color space is sRGB, the most common and cross-browser compatible format, even playing well with non-color managed browsers.

If you need your images in CMYK, they can either be converted from the full resolution PNG coming out of StyleShoots, or from the original CR2 (raw) files. 


Give iPad app access to use the camera for barcode scanning

The iPad app can scan barcodes using the built-in camera of the iPad (on iPad 3 and newer). The first time you use the StyleShoots app on an iPad running iOS 8 or newer, you must allow the app access to use the camera.

This setting can always be changed in the iPad's general settings:

Go to Settings > Privacy > Camera. Enable access for the StyleShoots app.

The app will now be able to scan barcodes using the built-in camera.