StyleShoots Eclipse


Main Structure

Custom designed and precision manufactured industrial enclosure in powder coated sheet steel and aluminum, hiding all cables and designed for a busy studio environment.

Central spine contains a camera, robotics, computer, electronics, and power management. The slim profile and strategically placed feet ensure optimum working height and accessibility, whether you are standing or sitting on a stool.

Side Doors articulate upwards on gas dampers and house the Striplights and Backwall lights. Front Doors swing sideways and house frontal Fill lights. The doors are fully white inside for optimum light conditions. Outside, they are clad with industrial felt.

Floor with turntable that can be unmounted for a fully flat floor.

Backwall with hooks for attaching different backdrop sheets to create different looks.

Inner sides of doors and camera arc are white matt reflective for a soft lighting environment. The surfaces are made from steel, allowing light modifyers to be magnetically attached. 

Inner stage

Apple Mac embedded running proprietary StyleShoots Eclipse Core software.

Apple iPad Pro held by an integrated swivel-mount, running native StyleShoots iOS app.

Custom electronics controlling Camera, Mechatronics and Lighting.


USB for external storage.

Ethernet for Remote Support and Software Updates.

C14 mains inlet and switch. Euro, UK and US power cables available.


3-Axis Camera Head and imaging system

Canon EOS camera.

Canon 24-105 lens.

Motorized Zoom.

Motorized Tilt.

Motorized Camera Arc.



Motorized rotation.

Interchangeable top plate.

All lights are high-CRI panels custom developed for StyleShoots, enclosed in reflective housings with removable diffusers with linear transmission characteristics. The light intensity of each panel can be manually adjusted from the iPad.


3 high-CRI LED panels on each side of the product (6 in total), illuminating the product from the sides and above.

Fill lights

1 high-CRI LED panel in each Front Door (2 in total) to illuminate the product from the front and fill in challenging areas.

Backwall light

2 high-CRI LED panels illuminating the backwall and creating separation between product and background.

Lighting system


MP4 and MOV in configurable dimensions and multiple aspect ratios.


JPG in configurable dimensions and aspect ratios.

PNG in configurable dimensions and aspect ratios.

TIFF in full resolution.

RAW files straight from camera.

Export File Formats

StyleShoots Core

State of the art embedded software controlling all hardware, image processing, and file exporting. Includes features like and Light Controller® and Sequence.

StyleShoots Eclipse iPad app

Native iOS app ensuring fluid control of all StyleShoots features. Runs on an iPad Pro in landscape format and gives full control and true color review of images and videos.

StyleShoots Drive

Share files on your company network with StyleShoots Drive or save them to USB. Mount the shared drive on your company network, providing instant file access.




Achieve any look you want by installing different colored backdrops and turntable covers.

Network access and Security.

StyleShoots gets the latest software updates automatically from our cloud server. Our support team may access your system remotely to diagnose any problems. To deliver these services, StyleShoots requires an internet connection via Ethernet.

StyleShoots creates its own closed 5GHz WPA2 protected Wi-Fi network to maintain stable communication with the custom iOS app on the iPad.

StyleShoots can be configured by us to be in USB Only or Network Mode. USB Only means the system needs an external USB storage device to operate. Network Mode means the system stores files on the internal drive which can be accessed via your company network. When a USB device is inserted, the system will switch to store files on the USB instead.

Your photos are safe. Our development team may remotely inspect specific shots and collect general usage data to continuously improve the software and algorithms of the system. Your photos will never be shared with third parties without your knowledge.

Size and weight

Height: 201 cm (79 inch)

Width:  150 cm (59 inch)

Length: 171 cm (67 inch)

Weight: ~ 300 kg


Supported product size: 45 x 45 x 45 cm (WxDxH)

Operating conditions

Room size (HxWxL): 210 cm x 250 cm x 250 cm (83 inch x 98 inch x 98 inch)

Floor: Plain and leveled, ideally concrete or similar.

Ambient Lighting: Continuous throughout the day. No direct light entering machine area.

Room temperature: 10° C - 30° C.

Max power consumption: 1000 W at 230V AC

Line voltage: 110V to 230V AC

Frequency: 50Hz to 60Hz