Core and App 3.5

Auto Alpha and Calibration

  • Calibration screens have been updated to provide clearer guidance.
  • Auto Alpha improvements - halo around products is reduced.
  • Calibration measures background light levels more accurately to improve Auto Alpha fidelity.
  • Calibration triggers each product light in sequence, laying the path for future algorithm refinements.
  • Round Diffusers on LED (mid-2014) versions of Horizontal and Vertical are better supported. A new setting can be enabled in Settings > Calibration, which will up the brightness and improve Light Controller behavior when diffusers are mounted.

Barcode support

  • iPad barcode scanner expanded to also support ITF-14 and Code 93.

iOS 11 and fixes

  • Improved iOS 11 compatibility.
  • Support for the iOS 11 drag-drop feature to easily copy in product names from another app in Slide Over mode.
  • Fixed iPad app crash if more than 25 categories were created.
Anders Jorgensen