Core 2.1.7 for Eclipse and Live with EOS R

Comprehensive improvements and support for Live machines featuring the Canon EOS R. Rolling out first to Eclipse, Live with EOS R, and then to Live with 1DX.

General improvements

  • Multiple fixes to handling of Framings to handle changes and avoiding accidental overrides.

  • Update mechanism now checks and warns of any un-exported outfits before continuing.

  • Faster focusing.

  • Faster image capturing.

  • Estimation of free disk space to make exports more robust.

  • Automatic full motor calibration on machine restart.

  • Automatic backups of database to enable recovery in case things go bad.

  • Sequence will no longer get stuck if focus fails.

  • The top view camera will now be shown in the correct resolution.

  • Improved iPad connectivity.

  • Improved video scaling.

Specific to Live

  • Improvements to the medium and short versions of the Belgrade video template.

  • Enabling 4K to be turned on/off on Live.

  • Immediate downloading and compositing of videos on Live with EOS R.

Anders Jorgensen