App 2.1.7 for Eclipse and Live with EOS R

Comprehensive improvements and support for Live machines featuring the Canon EOS R. Rolling out first to Eclipse, Live with EOS R, and then to Live with 1DX.

General enhancements

  • New Diagnostics screen shows a beating heart animation whenever our Support team is perform diagnostics.

  • Text fields across the app accept drag-drop gestures in iPadOS.

  • Compatibility check for pending software updates before allowing installation.

  • Guarding against changing and deletion of Video and Photo Presets that are currently in use.

  • When exporting an Outfit containing only photos, there’s no longer a warning about incomplete outfits.

  • Changes to framings are now properly stored.

  • Light Controller is now more stable than before.

Specific to Live

  • When creating a new Outfit on Live, an instructional text is shown when no products zones have yet been drawn.

  • 4K videos exporting is limited to MOV files to ensure optimal resolution and aspect ratio.

  • Video Templates with slow motion can only be recorded in FHD.

  • Video Strips in Composer indicate with a little icon if they are being recorded in 4K.

Various bug fixes

  • Multiple film strip interface bug fixes in the Composer screen.

  • Sound cues are better synced to the starting of recordings.

  • Keep the ‘Save changes’ button after Live View returns from sleep.

  • Fixing cases where UI labels were missing or overlapping.

  • Many additional bug fixes

Anders Jorgensen