Core 2.0.4

Memory fix and Live compatibility

This release brings all the improvements from 2.0.3 to Live, plus a memory leak fix. We uncovered an incompatibility with Live in 2.0.3 relating to calibration, so we only deployed to Eclipse. This release is compatible with both Eclipse and Live.

  • Fixed a memory leak relating to creation of a new outfit. Some of our customers create up to 300 outfits in a single day, meaning they ran into this bug a lot. The fix is going to benefit all customers.

  • Live compatibility. In 2.0.3, some motors would not calibrate properly on Live, so we only deployed on Eclipse. This new release is compatible with both systems.

The 2.0.3 improvements – now also for Live

  • Further color improvements to photos - both previews and final exports. We uncovered an error in the way we were storing our color matrices.

  • Framing positions will be better retained.

  • Memory leaks – we pinpointed several image conversion components that were consuming memory and not releasing it when they were done, grinding the system to a halt over time. A few remain, but are at a fraction of before.

  • LED ring on Live would sometimes show the wrong color due to the way framings were identified internally.

Anders Jorgensen