Core 2.0.3

Color improvements

  • Further color improvements to photos - both previews and final exports. We uncovered an error in the way we were storing our color matrices.

  • Color consistency between photos taken in Sequence and regular mode on Eclipse. The camera settings would sometimes not be applied consistently.

  • The coordinates for setting white balance on Eclipse were off – not exactly adding to the party in terms of getting the colors right.

Motor improvements

  • Turntable on Eclipse will travel more consistently and reach closer to 360˚. During configuration the motors in some machines had the wrong step-size, meaning they would only go to 180˚.

  • Framing positions will be better retained.

  • When Eclipse is left idle, the Arc goes to a resting position to avoid surprises in case of a power cut.

Other improvements

  • Memory leaks – we pinpointed several image conversion components that were consuming memory and not releasing it when they were done, grinding the system to a halt over time. A few remain, but are at a fraction of before.

  • LED ring on Live would sometimes show the wrong color due to the way framings were identified internally.

Anders Jorgensen