Core 2.0.2

Synchronizing Live and Eclipse releases

Since Live and Eclipse are built on the same software foundation, we are bringing their code bases even closer to reap the full benefits, so fixes for one automatically benefit the other. So you’ll see the release numbers being coordinated going forward. Actual releases may be a few days apart, so we can take our time to test on both systems.

Critical improvements for Eclipse

  • Motor reset bug fixed. If a motor failed to respond, it would be reset to zero, even if it’s position was something else. This meant the motors became completely unreliable. It was all hands on deck, and now it’s solved.

  • Patch for 'faded' video bug. On the latest macOS exported videos would be composited wrong, resulting in washed out colors in videos. While we are working on a deep fix, stick to FHD (1080px) and you’ll be fine. You can use any aspect ratio you like.

  • Retain turntable changes. When adjusting framings, the turntable settings would not always be kept. This was addressed in the App, but now also the Core.

Bringing Live Core 2.0.1 improvements to Eclipse

  • When exporting products with many photos marked for deletion, the process could fail. This is now fixed.

  • If a product with only very few images failed, it could end up being treated as completed successfully. No longer.

  • The cleanup mechanism has been made more stable, allowing the system to run uninterrupted.

  • The camera could fail to respond on focusing calls, blocking the system. This has now been solved.

  • During the update process a configuration file error could cause a red tint on images. No more.

Anders Jorgensen