Core and App 1.5

See the names of your Framings

You can now see the names of all your framings, so you know which one to select before making the camera move into position. You can change the names of framings in Settings > Framings.

  1. Tap and hold on any of the framing icons to make the labels appear.
  2. While holding down your finger, slide to the framing you want to select.
  3. Release your finger on the desired framing.

TIP: To avoid changing framing, release your finger on the framing that was already selected. The already selected framing has a darker background.


Software Updates

  • Software updates can now be received, reviewed and installed by you, without having to wait for our support team.
  • You will find the new section in Settings > Updates.

Video previews and exports are more robust

  • The exporter has been re-architected and dramatically improved.
  • If a video preview gets stuck – known as the "75% bug" – it will retry. All subsequent videos and exports will proceed as planned.
  • Color across video clips is now consistent on video previews.

Product tagging is more precise

  • The 3D spatial tagging engine has been rebuilt to better track the products based camera movement, zoom and tilts.
  • As a result, your photos and videos should have more accurate product tags associated to them.

Other improvements

  • Support for a Striplight in both sides of the Live machine.
  • iPad guards better against typing of unsupported characters.
  • iPad rear flash now turns on when scanning a barcode to make scanning more reliable. 
  • Export panel will show a warning if the selected volume doesn't have enough space available.
  • Export panel remembers your previous selections, so you don't have to select presets every time.
  • Fixed a case where photo IDs would get offset by one, causing the first image of a outfit to end up in the previous outfit.
  • Calibration screen now shows the correct version information.
  • Face auto focus now is more accurate.
  • Clip length and aspect ratios are now handled correctly when selecting multiple video presets in one outfit. The way of cropping video for different aspect ratios remains unchanged.
  • The quality setting for JPG exports is now properly taken into account.
  • Dramatic under-the-hood work to ensure the system stays responsive over time.
Anders Jorgensen