Core and App 1.4


Improvements in color, sharpness and detail for both images and videos.
Consistency from iPad preview to final output, and up to 9X faster exports.


Colors and image quality

  • Colors match closer across the board between iPad Live View, preview photos, video previews, photo exports and video exports.
  • Sharpness and contrast improvements.
  • Noise reduction delivers cleaner results.
  • Colors are more vivid.
  • Videos match photos much more closely in exposure, color saturation and contrast.
  • Camera now shoots stills at ISO 800 instead of ISO 1600, delivering cleaner photos.

Export up to 9X faster

  • RAW conversion of images is now 9X faster.
  • Export times are reduced by up to 90% for outfits containing a lot of photos.

Focus and Live View

  • Focusing is dramatically faster, both for auto-focus and tap-to-focus.
  • Live View is at 2X resolution, giving a crisper preview and making it easy to see if your subject is in focus.
  • Live View is also smoother, running at up to 2X frame rate.
Anders Jorgensen