Core and App 1.2

Exporting and files

  • Exporting is now up to 30% faster and more robust.
  • Export progress bar is much more fine grained.
  • PNG is now available as an export file format.
  • Improved tagging of Framings in file names.
  • You can now select / deselect photos inside an Outfit. So you only export the photos you want. TIP: Swipe up on the image preview to quickly select/deselect.

File management

  • File Handling screen has been added in Settings. So you can change folder structure and separator character.
  • Naming of files is now consistent between photos and videos.
  • When you delete files outfits, you see a grid preview of the files so you're sure about what you're deleting.
  • Storage and internal file management is more efficient.
  • Alerts are now letting you know if the system or export volumes are running low on space.

Video recording and Templates

  • New "Belgrade" video template with no cuts and full body framing. For ultra simple posing and walk-in-walk-outs.
  • Preview videos of each template, making it easy to see what you'll get.
  • More straight forward text hints for each clip during recording, describing template, framing and camera behavior.
  • To re-record a clip, long press on the green checkmark. This avoids accidental re-recordings. 
  • Video framings now scale dynamically depending on the model's height.


  • Blazing fast image browsing in the Outfit Composer gallery. TIP: tap and slide to compare multiple images.
  • Video previews now better represent the final result.
  • Video previews are now loading faster.
  • Auto-focus is faster after the camera is done moving.

Honorable mentions

  • Auto-focus uses face detection to make sure your model stays sharp.
  • Framing presets can now be rearranged in Settings. Just tap Edit and drag.
  • Fixed a backend crash that would require a system reboot.
  • 50+ bug fixes and enhancements across the entire machine.
Anders Jorgensen