Core and App 1.1

Video and Photo Presets

Presets are where you define the types of videos and photos you'd like to end up with after your session. Use them to preconfigure the name, size, quality, template and more up front, and pick which ones to apply when creating a new outfit or during export. Read about Presets.

Export flow

You can now perform a full export of your files to either StyleShoots Drive or an external USB device, and see progress during the session. Read how to Export.

Camera heat management

Once users started pushing the system, the camera could overheat when using Live View for a long time. This is improved by improving physical airflow, but also with 'Live View Sleep' - after 45 sec of inactivity the Live View will turn off. To re-enable it, simply tap to resume.

Auto Focus

After the camera has moved to a new preset position, the system automatically triggers focus. This helps your images and videos stay sharp.

Stability and self-guarding

We've significantly improved the system's stability overall. We've also installed safe guards in the iPad interface, ensuring that you can't accidentally trigger conflicting events that could cause trouble.

Anders Jorgensen