Core and App 1.3

LED Ring comes alive

All StyleShoots Live customers will see a thus-far secret piece of hardware spring to life in their machines. Say hello to the LED ring – a full-color glowing circle surrounding the camera lens.

The LED ring shows the model with soft animations what state StyleShoots Live is in, making it clear when a recording is about to start, how long it will last, when a photo is taken, and when the model can relax for a moment. The ring shows the following states:


New Outfit

Informs the model to stand in a neutral pose for the outfit overview photo.


Video mode

StyleShoots Live is in video mode and standing by.

During camera movement or counting down to record, it breathes softly red.


Recording video clip

During recording, the ring empties clockwise. When the ring is empty, the recording is complete.


Photo mode

StyleShoots Live is in photo mode and standing by.

During camera movement it breathes softly blue. When a photo is taken, it briefly turns bright blue.



Whenever Live View is not being used, the LED ring turns off. This lets the model know that they don't need to pose and can relax for a moment.



During startup and calibration the ring breathes softly white.


Meta Data

Meta data is dramatically expanded. StyleShoots Live automatically adds the following meta data tags to all photos and videos exported from the system:

  • StyleShoots Model - The model selected while making a new Outfit.
  • StyleShoots Products - The product names or barcodes within the image.
  • StyleShoots Framing - Framing preset used to capture a still photo (photos only).
  • StyleShoots Aspect Ratio - The aspect ratio of the file.
  • StyleShoots Preset - Name of the photo or video preset used to make the file.
  • StyleShoots VideoTemplate - Name of the video template used (videos only).
  • StyleShoots Copyright - Your brand name (added with assistance of our support team)
  • StyleShoots Equipment - Product (StyleShoots Live) and serial number (i.e.: SL-001).

You can limit the amount of metadata information embed in your files. Go to Settings > Presets > Photo/Video Preset name > File Details and turn on  by turning on the setting 'Limited' This reduces metadata to only include product and copyright information, suited for web publication.

Anders Jorgensen