How to use Sequence mode on Eclipse

Boost your studio efficiency with automated photo- and video capturing


In this tutorial you’ll learn how the Sequence feature in StyleShoots Eclipse helps you automatically capture your photos and videos while you are free to do other things.

With Eclipse you can define all the key angles you want to capture of your products, and then have the machine repeat the same movements and positions every single time, while you are freed up to prepare the next product.

Points we cover in this post:

  • Turning on Sequence mode

  • Starting Sequence mode

  • Productivity benefits

  • Consistency benefits

  • Speed benefits

  • Tips for things to do during a sequence

  • Reviewing you photos and videos

You will need:


Turn on Sequence mode

In the Composer screen on Eclipse you’ll find a button in the upper right corner of Live View containing three dots. Tap it to enable Sequence mode. The setting will be remembered, so Sequence will now be enabled by default when you start a new session.

enable sequence.png

Start the Sequence

You’ll notice the individual framings have merged, and the capture button now contains three dots. Tap the capture button to start the Sequence.

tap sequence.png

Go do something else

While StyleShoots Eclipse is running the Sequence, you are free to chat to your colleagues or take a sip of your coffee. Or even better, you can use the time to prepare the next product, do file management or other work.

If the iPad’s sound is turned on, you will hear a notification sound when Sequence is complete, so you don’t need to stand there and watch it.

sequence in progress.png

Review your photos and videos

When you have run a Sequence, you can review your content. In our example we’ve run two Sequences – one for photos and one for video. The Eclipse machine is now ready for the next product…

sequence done.png

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