How to style and photograph a model wearing lingerie and nightwear

We share with you how to showcase lingerie and nightwear for e-commerce, including tips on
styling, directing and lighting

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If you’re selling lingerie or nightwear online, you need to present your customers with  images that reflect a more relaxed, casual atmosphere.

In this tutorial, we will discuss how you can organize and style your set and model in order to achieve this result for e-commerce. 

Before you start

A very important thing to remember when shooting lingerie and/or sleepwear in general, is to be respectful of the model present. Given the nature of the photoshoot, there will be more exposed skin. That would make anyone feel more vulnerable.

It’s essential to warn everyone on set to be more conscious and considerate of that fact. Making the model feel comfortable should be a priority. 


What you’ll need

We cover the following stages

1. Lighting
2. Makeup & Preparation
3. Taking your photographs
4. Example shots (Gallery)


1. Lighting

Creating a more casual setting on your set and bringing out the best of your product in the final pictures is heavily dependent on the lighting.

Aim for bright light

The key light should be as bright as possible. That makes the product the main focus of the image and it brings out its best features.  

The right position is essential

Your key light should be on your right right. Angle it to the side so it doesn’t point directly at the model. Use a fill on the left side of the model and flip it. Once you flip the fill around, you will see much more even light and will avoid harsh contrasts.

You could also add more light from the top side to even everything out.

Brightness is your friend.

Brightness is your friend.


2. Makeup & Preparation 

For nightwear photoshoots, you should use simple and natural-looking makeup.

Check for wrinkles

Make sure the clothes on your model are crease-free. The outfit you're shooting should be on point.

Take care of the skin

Before the start of the shoot, if needed, use moisturizer for your model’s skin. Ask them to get a good night’s sleep so they look rested.

Add shine or sheen if you’d like to.

Apply simple makeup

Imagine how your customer would look like in a homey, cozy environment when they’re about to go to bed. It is very unlikely that they will be wearing a full face of makeup in such a scenario. That’s why applying natural makeup on your model is the way to go.

Neutral makeup and skin that looks taken care of are important elements of your photoshoot.

Neutral makeup and skin that looks taken care of are important elements of your photoshoot.


3. Taking your photographs

There are several elements to be aware of when doing a nightwear photoshoot.

Striking the right poses

Getting the shots you’re after will depend on how well you direct your model. Communicate well what you want to see and be creative about it. Explain thoroughly and help the model achieve the right positions.

Focus on other elements

Help the model feel comfortable, as if they’re actually in a home setting where the environment is more relaxed.

You can do that by taking care of various details on and around your set - including some appropriate props, not having harsh contrasts when it comes to lighting, no loud music and crowded rooms.

A tip: You can add a cardigan to the outfit you're shooting just to give the images a more cozy feel. Let the model play with it.

Slow down your pace

The posing for this photoshoot can also slow down to a more relaxed pace. Softer and more gentle movements on the model’s part will help with getting the right shots.

Guide towards variety

Direct your model into doing creative poses that present the product well. You’re the one behind the camera (or an iPad in our case) so you will know what looks best.

Ask your model to start with a sitting pose. To do this, the model will have to sit on the floor, crossing one leg over the other in a comfortable way and then simply focusing on showcasing the product in the most natural way possible.

Bear in mind that your model might get tired by sitting there for a few minutes or so - be considerate of that.

Show off the best features of your product with different poses and angles. 

Show off the best features of your product with different poses and angles. 


4. Example shots (Gallery)

Focus on getting your main product shots, an accessorized shot and maybe an extra mood shot. Here are some example shots that can give you a good idea of what you can aim towards. 


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