How to shoot images and videos of handbags


Create crisp stills and cinematic videos of handbags with ease


In this tutorial, we’re going to cover how to shoot bags and which angles you need to cover in order to showcase the best sides of your product. We’ll introduce different techniques to style various elements of the bag you might be working with.

In this post we cover the following:

  • Prepare your bag well

  • Pay attention to every little detail

  • Style a bag according to its features

  • Shooting a 360 video of your bag

You will need:

Ecommerce brand professional product photography

Prepare your bag well

The first thing you want to make sure you’ve done is to have your bag stuffed to give it some volume. That way you show off the original shape of the bag.

Secondly, make sure you’ve removed all the dust from the bag. For that purpose, you can use some canned air or use a simple cloth and just remove any lingering fingerprints. If you don’t do that, it will show on your pictures.

Place the bag on the set and next up: we’re going to start styling it for the first picture.

A handbag product photography

Pay attention to every little detail

Every piece of metal work on your bag needs to have a nice “shine” to it (so to say) so look carefully - maybe you need to put a reflector on your set, near your product. A great solution for such a situation is to use some white cart so you can reflect light in there and make the right features pop.


Style a bag according to its features

The detailed shot

When a bag has details that make it a distinctive item, like a chain or a buckle, you need to style carefully for those details and then showcase them. That’s what makes your product unique and and will make it a more item desirable for your customer.

For example, it might be the case that you see a lot of reflection on the buckle on the front. To solve this, just lower the light from the side a bit and then you can see that there is no extreme highlight anymore on the buckle.

Get the camera a bit lower as well so in the final picture, you can actually see the shape of the bag and so you don’t end up distorting it. Also, focus on the buckle for example if this is where you want your customer to focus too - that way you make sure that this part of the photo will be sharp.


The 3/4ths shot

Another idea for a different shot it to do a “3/4ths shot”, just from another angle so your customer can see the object from a different perspective. It will simply reveal more from the bag.

A creative way to shoot your bag is to hang its chain up (if it has one) so it looks as if someone is holding it. Just put a bit of a hook with a magnet on it to get that effect. Use some nylon as well to hang the chain of the bag on your set and make look everything look right in your image.

It doesn’t matter if the chain gets a bit out of the frame, that is not a problem. What you’re aiming to show here is the detail which will showcase some of the special parts of the bag.


The open shot

Don’t forget to make an open shot of the bag where you can see the insides of the bag - labels, pockets, divisions, etc. It can be quite difficult to show the bag in such a position when it’s open, however with some weights and some strings you can achieve the desired effect.

Focus on the edge of the bag because this is what you want to show off most in this shot. Then, check your lights again. For example, with StyleShoots Eclipse, you can easily control the lights, the exposure and how it all looks from the iPad that controls the whole system.


The last shot

In the last shot, you want to have the camera a bit more upwards, but not all the way on top of the bag. This is done with the purpose of adding a bit of perspective to the bag. What you can do to achieve that optical illusion is to hide a bit of the chain behind the bag and actually make the chain smaller visually. Remember to pay attention to every little detail of the chain.

f you see that your shot is looking overexposed, dial down the exposure a bit. And make sure to choose a focus point that highlights a feature of the bag and that you want the viewer to notice (like focusing right on the buckle e.g.).


Shooting a 360 video of your bag

It’s always a nice plus to add a video to your product shots just because it presents your items in a different, sometimes more detailed way.

For example, with StyleShoots Eclipse, you can easily shoot both crisp stills and cinematic videos of your products. The turntable within the machine helps you create the 360 effect you’re after. A few quick tips:

  • To make sure that your bag looks nice from all angles, simply go through all the steps of preparation we mentioned above.

  • When doing a 360 video, place the bag exactly in the middle of your set or turntable. It will all look centered that way.

  • Don’t forget to check on the metalwork of your product and that it’s all looking great and polished.


In summary:

Remember to prepare your bag by going through the following list:

  • Remove all the dust from the bag

  • Get the stuffing in

  • Clean up metal work if there’s any

  • Make sure that the positioning for each frame works for the style of the handbag

  • Check that your lighting really suits the angle of the product you’re shooting

  • Make sure that the metal work is lit cleanly and evenly

  • While you’re shooting, don’t forget about all the little styling details


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