How to shoot a video of a model wearing casual wear

We'll review some tried and tested tips for recording your video, including styling and lighting.

Equipment used: StyleShoots Live. Discover more here.


This tutorial is about giving you tips on how to run a successful video shoot of a model wearing casual wear for fashion e-commerce.  

Some brands in the industry believe that video is something additional and not really necessary. Well, in this day and age, given the competitiveness of brands, video is essential.

Why you may ask?

Video is great at educating the customer a little bit more about the fabric, the moves, how the light shifts across the fabrics of a product. All these details are harder to present on stills.

In this video, our photographer Matt is using a StyleShoots Live machine for ease of use - he already has his framings in there, the machine automatically cuts and edits the video so all that’s left for him to do is to record 3 sections at the press of a button. However, the tips that follow can be used in any studio setup.


We cover the following stages

1. Lighting
2. Styling & preparation
3. Recording your video

What you need for a successful photoshoot? 

1. A model
2. Styling kit
3. A studio setup with lighting and pro-grade camera
4. A style guide to keep your imagery consistent and on-brand


1. Lighting

Set up your main light

Aim for overall even light on the set. The main light source should be at such an angle that lights the model from the side. That will create the right type of mood and setting for fashion e-commerce video shoots.

Adjust background light

The background should not be very dark. Remember that you're trying to create an overall even lighting. Soften shadows using reflection and diffusion. 

Emphasize the subject

Lighting the background to different degrees can produce the effect of emphasizing your model - or it can help your subject blend in to the background more. The distance your model stands from the backdrop also has an important effect on the shadowing. 

Aim for even light.

Aim for even light.


2. Styling & preparation

Highlight key features

If the products you’re showing off have some interesting features, make sure to show them off. Instruct the model to do the right positions that will highlight the uniqueness of the products.

Match to the model

The stylist should have a clear overview of the models you're using in advance, so make sure to supply them with headshots, sizes and brief them properly before the shoot to make their job easier. 

Prepare and adjust throughout

If you prepare and style your model in advance, you won't have to interfere and fix the look of the model throughout the shoots. 

It's good to keep a steamer close-by at all times, be quick to notice and adjust any creases and imperfections and don't be afraid to mix it up with the model's look in order to produce diverse final shots. 

Show off the best parts of an outfit.

Show off the best parts of an outfit.


3. Recording your video

Plan what you want to see in the video

Make a detailed plan in advance about what framings you want to have and what angles you want to show. Keep those in mind when starting the shoot and execute accordingly.

Communicate with the model

The model should be briefed about your plan in advance and you should be able to get the desired results after discussing clearly what you would like to see. Rehearse if needed and direct well throughout the shooting process.

Moving on video

Put markers down to signify start and end positions. Ensure every video clip is framed properly. Rehearse difficult movements in advance. 

One of the most important things to keep in mind when a model walks into the frame, is to be conscious of the focus. Focus with your camera where the end position of the movement will be before the model walks out on set. This type of preparation is a sure way to get clear, good shots focusing on the right spots every time. 


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