How to do a creative footwear shoot for Instagram


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In this tutorial, Floriane Jacqueneau will give you some tips for creating and executing creative shoots for fashion e-commerce websites and social media.

In the video above, she has chosen to work with a pair of child’s rain boots and what she is trying to express with her shoot is the creativity that radiates from a child. You can apply the same concepts to any type of footwear product you choose to shoot.

Points we cover in this post:

  • Highlight the color of the product 

  • Choose the right aspect ratio

  • Control your camera angle and your lighting 

  • Tell a nice story

  • Have fun with your shoot

You will need:


Highlight the color of the product 

In this case, Floriane has chosen to play with colors so she can have a nice, cheerful and happy environment that reflects the world of a child. That in return will create a nice shot for Instagram that attracts attention. You can apply this concept to any type of product and recreate the idea that the environment should match your product.

To create this look, she’s using a blue background on the back and just on top of it she has added yellow paper that she has ripped so it can look like a “puddle”. 


Choose the right aspect ratio

As she is shooting for social media, she has preselected a ratio that 4:5 and that will be perfect for Instagram or Facebook. You can follow the lead and do the same to quickly supercharge your social media channels with creative content. A tool that will help you do that quickly and efficiently, without sacrificing quality is Eclipse.


Control your camera angle and your lighting

The angles that she has chosen are strategic because in the final photos you can see the “puddle” but also the full shape of the boot. She has also moved the lighting on the back wall to create some separation between the background and the boot.

Then she has added a little bit more lighting on the front and some on the side so she can get a nice overall light. Play with your light and your camera to see what looks best for your setup.


Tell a nice story

When it comes to your shoot, just try to be creative with what you have and tell a story. A good story always sells well. Even if you’re telling this story in a single image.

The way to successfully do that is to tell a story with the elements you’re working with. In our case, you get the idea of the boots splashing into the puddle. This will attract viewers on Instagram and will let you stand out.


Have fun with your shoot

Your creativity will be stimulated the moment you decide to have fun with what you’re doing and just use all the elements, props and products you have at your disposal.

Experiment and don’t be afraid to try out something more different and out of the box. This is where the magic happens. The more creative your picture is, the better the chance it will attract more eyeballs to your Instagram content and feed. This is a great strategy to gain new followers and potentially, new customers.


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