How to choose your angles for footwear photo and video shoots


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It is essential to make sure you have all the right angle shots when it comes to showcasing your products online. Doing video requires different preparation and sometimes equipment so you have to plan all your content in advance.

In this post we cover the following:

  • Decide which shoe to shoot

  • Consult your style guide

  • Angles for shooting stills

  • Shooting video

  • 1 product = 1 preset list

You will need:

Ecommerce brand professional product photography

Decide which shoe to shoot

The first thing to consider is whether you’ll be shooting one shoe or the pair. Sometimes you can showcase only shoe as a sample. If you’re shooting only one shoe, always remember to have the right one, not the left.

Don’t forget to think about sizing. For female size it’s EU: 37, UK: 4, US: 6.5; for male size EU: 42, UK: 8; US: 8.5.

A handbag product photography

Consult your style guide

The number of angles you choose to shoot is going to define the style guide. If you do it for one, you will have to do it for all pairs/types of shoes.

Keep in mind that every different type of shoe has a different characteristic to show off. For example, if you are shooting heels, you might want to take a shot from the back so you can see the heel and the side.

With sneakers, you might want to show off the heel, but also showcase the sole. This is how your pictures might differ from type to type.

Consult your style guide to see what aspect ratio you’ll be shooting in as well.  


Angles for shooting stills

In our video tutorial, you can see that Floriane Jacqueneau is shooting on a StyleShoots Eclipse and before she even starts the shoot, she has already saved her presets. That way all her product photos will follow the same style and everything, including lighting, will be consistent throughout.

You can take a shot:

  • From the front

  • From the side - A ¾ shot

  • From an angle from the back of the shoe ( to show off details)

Those should be mandatory shots for all shoes. After doing those, in the video Floriane moves onto doing some individual shots for the different types of shoes because not all pairs have the same features.


Shooting video

When shooting video, you want to make sure you are showing the best of the shoe. Show the relation between the shoe and the lights while it’s moving. Also, don’t skip the important details of the shoe (like the inside of the shoe e.g.). These can make for a great video that actually grabs and retains the attention of the viewer.


1 type of product = 1 preset list

If you move onto shooting a different type of shoe, like sneakers e.g., save your different angles as presets and then you can reuse the angles to get consistency.

Maybe you’ve left a “free space” in your style guide for a different angle. In that case, our stylist has chosen to show off the logo on the sole of the shoe (something that makes it special). This is her last shot and then her set of pictures is complete.

In the style guide, we have defined that we will only show one shoe on video, hence we only take one sneaker to showcase in the video. Also, remember to use the right shoe.


In summary:

Different products require different angles. And the possibilities for photos and videos are endless.

  • Get the right size for your shoe

  • Choose whether you will shoot only one shoe or both

  • Always consult with your style guide

  • Take shots of your product that showcase the most interesting features

  • When shooting video, show the relation between the shoe and the lights

  • Maintain consistency throughout your material

  • And of course, don’t forget to clean your products beforehand to show them at their best


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