5 tips for running a successful model shoot

We share 5 tips for running a successful model shoot with your crew

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Running a model shoot with a crew can become quite expensive. That’s why you should make sure you get the maximum out of your time and money.

In this tutorial, we share 5 tips that are vital for the successful execution of a model photoshoot. The focus is on getting the most value and the best possible results for your time and money. 


We cover the following tips

1. Work out the looks
2. Produce a detailed call sheet
3. Prepare your clothes
4. Sort your rail
5. Get your styling kit

What you need for a successful photoshoot? 

1. A rail full of products you want to photgoraph
2. Styling kit
3. A call sheet


1. Work out the looks

Focus on the centerpiece of the outfit

Make sure to not overpower one piece of clothing with another, especially not to overshadow the one you’re trying to showcase . All pieces should complement each other. 

Prep your neutrals

Get your neutrals ready in advance. A few good pairs of clean and basic jeans, simple, black & white trousers and tops; shoes that work nicely with the outfits you’ve chosen and that will allow you to get through the rail easily will do.

Mix, match and don't forget your neutrals.

Mix, match and don't forget your neutrals.


2. Produce a detailed call sheet

Use the list to organize your shoot

Having a detailed call sheet and distributing that to your crew will help you run a smooth operation and will inform everybody about important details.

For example, everyone will know when they need to turn up and where and what needs to be done throughout the day.

Create an itemized list

Preparing a list of every item you need to photograph is crucial to running an efficient shoot. 

Make sure your list is clear, easy to follow, and updated with all the relevant infomration such as style codes and product numbers.

Being as detailed as possible will save you time.

Being as detailed as possible will save you time.


3. Prepare your clothes

Double check goods

After receiving your goods, whether they're straight from the factory or your distributor - unpack and check them against their description. Make note of the colors, any imperfections, sizes and so on. 

Preparation is key

One of the essential tools for you to have on set when preparing for your photoshoot is to have your steamer on hand. With it, you can get rid of any creases on your clothes.

Start preparing a day in advance - that will give you enough time to get everything ready.

The steamer is your best friend.


4. Sort your rail

Put your outfits together

If you have quite a few outfits to shoot, put your looks together in advance. This will help you with the hair and makeup process as well. 

Get yourself organized

There is no universal approach to organizing a rail. Consider your shooting itinerary and group accordingly. Pair your outfits in the right order.

Prepare your outfits in advance.

Prepare your outfits in advance.


5. Get your styling kit

You need a really good tool kit. It’s essential to have that at an arm's length at all times so you can jump in and edit a look if needed. 

You may want to include the following items in your styling kit: pins, clips, scissors, brushes, lint rollers, double sided tape, tissue paper, masking tape, anti static wipes, a can of compressed air, wet wipes

Everything you may need, in one place.

Everything you may need, in one place.

Try to get as much of the hassle as possible out of the way in advance so you can have a smooth-running photoshoot and you can have happy, productive people achieving great results, frustration-free.


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