How to shoot video of a model in nightwear and lingerie

We share tips about shooting a video of a model wearing nightwear and lingerie for e-commerce

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In this model photography tutorial, we will show you how to style and shoot video of a model wearing nightwear and lingerie for your e-commerce website and catalogue.

Presenting the right nightwear look requires you to recreate a cozy feel in your pictures because after all you’re showcasing sleepwear. In order to do that, you should make sure you have a more inviting and casual atmosphere on your set to begin with. 

Another thing to be aware of before starting your shoot is the importance of making your model feel comfortable. Communicate that to your staff as well. The person you're shooting will be in nightwear or lingerie which, naturally, might feel a bit uncomfortable for them. That's why doing your best to make them feel relaxed is essential.


What do you need before you start?

Which stages do we cover?

  1. Makeup & Skincare

  2. Lighting

  3. Recording


1. Makeup & Skincare

When shooting nightwear, everything from the lighting to the makeup needs to be softer, more neutral and subtle overall.

Make sure makeup is on point

Shooting video means you won't have the option to retouch certain elements later. Video is not as easy to edit as photos so keep that in mind before you start recording.

Choose neutral makeup

Nightwear is associated with night-time and moments of privacy, relaxation and comfort. Your model shouldn't be wearing bright, attention-grabbing makeup that stands out. That's why opting in for neutral makeup that doesn't look overdone is the way to go.

Don't forget about the skin

Similarly to our point about makeup, make sure that your model's skin looks flawless. You will not be able to do a lot of retouching with video. So beforehand, use moisturizer and add any other products, like bronzers, that you deem necessary.


The skin of your model should look taken care of and smooth. Stay away from too much makeup.


2. Lighting 

Match your lighting to your setting. During a nightwear shoot, you can go for a more effortless look and environment so your light needs to fit that atmosphere.

Use softer light

You can achieve a cozier feel in your pictures by focusing on softer light. Don't go for any sharp contrast because that will be distracting and might look odd.

You should be aiming for a nice, even light that lights up the whole area. Such lighting conditions will reflect your nightwear product better in the final photographs.

Position your lights correctly

In order to avoid harsh contrast, you can turn over the reflector on your left to black so when the key light on your left is pointed at your model, the light will even itself out on both sides. This helps create a softer appearance.


Soft and even light creates a cozy atmosphere.


3. Recording

The great thing about video is that it shows off fabric, texture, how the light hits the garment and the movement of the item. This way your customer will get a much better idea of what the product will be like when they receive it.

Check your styling

That's something we can't stress enough. Before you start, check your styling again. You're recording video so you won't have the option to do a lot of post-processing. Make sure everything looks nice and neat in advance.

Put everything into place

Certain elements can sometimes be overlooked even by the most experienced photographer. Being aware of what to look out for is step number one to presenting a flawless look.

For example, if there are bra straps showing, odd looking pieces of clothing, upturns or hanging threads anywhere - fix that. Be conscious of folds, stains, labels and even hairs.

Shoot in slow motion

When it comes to nightwear shoots, you're aiming to present a cozier environment. Using slow motion will help you achieve that effect and will also show off the fabrics of the product in a nicer way.

Direct your model to do some posing on the spot and some delicate movements, baring in mind that the footage is being shot in slow motion. Avoid dramatic and rapid movements.

Show off the details

Take a much tighter crop shot from the torso upwards to show off in detail the top part of the product. This will not only show how the light hits the product but also how the fabric moves which is a major selling point.

Feature a different side

Your last clip can be about presenting the nightwear from a side angle. Instruct your model to turn towards the light and show off the side so the customer can see how your product looks like from that particular point. Carefully direct him or her about movement.


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