5 tips on posing your model during a photo shoot

Get better at directing models for your fashion e-commerce photography

Model photography: the guide to photographing your brand's clothes 2018 StyleShoots

Model photography: the guide to photographing your brand's clothes 2018 StyleShoots


With a growing stream of new products that need to be put online and content to be created for them, on model photography for your online store can be very demanding.

So when on set, knowing how to work with and pose your models means you will get the right shot easier - and then be able to move onto the next style or outfit faster. 

In this photography tutorial, we'll be showing you some tips o directing your models to show off your products better. 

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1. Have reference shots at hand

If you want to achieve a specific look, have some images nearby that you can show to your model. 

A style guide can also act as a reference manual if you already have one. 



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2. Use focal points to direct the model’s stare

If you want your model to look in a certain direction there are lots of tricks you can use.

For example, you can use your hand - or even direct them to focus their attention on objects in the studio.

You can use this technique to direct a model's stare and expression a lot easier than using vocal commands.

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3. Arm placement is key when showing off handbags and jewellery

When showing outfits combined with accessories like handbags, the way the arms

Make sure to show it in full view and keep an eye on how the hands look.

It also helps to have some shots from a 3/4 angle, back and from the side.  

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4. Hands and feet emphasize movement

A model's pose can be static or dynamic - conveying movement or appearing still.

This is shown mostly through the placement of the hands and feet.

Positioning them outward and one in front of another gives a feeling of walking toward the camera. 

To keep a more static pose, keep the feet at shoulder width and the hands by the side.


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5. Match the pose to the product

Your model’s pose needs to show the product off in the best light. If you’re shooting a top with a detailed print, it makes sense that your model’s hands shouldn’t cover the torso - otherwise shoppers might not be able to get the full picture.

Another example is when showing footwear; positioning each foot at a different angle also allows you to show off more of the shoe.

You can also try crossing the legs at the heel to give an appealing look.


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