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Photo and video equipment for fashion e-commerce enabling studio production 4x faster.

StyleShoots Live.

Create stunning photos and videos
of your models in minutes. All with a single all-in-one robotic setup.


A multiplatform content

High quality video. Incredible stills. All created with ease and speed. Keep your audience engaged with a constant stream of content across all of your channels.

Within minutes, export auto-edited, formatted video and stills. All ready for e-commerce, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and signage. It’s fast moving content for fast moving fashion.


Videos. Stills.
One set.
Any workflow.

By condensing a photo and video studio into one machine, the speed and efficiency of your model shoots is unparalleled.

No more running between different sets or changing your setup. The machine works alongside your stylist and your videos are auto-edited on the fly, instantly ready for review.


High quality output

With a 4K capable Canon EOS camera embedded inside the machine, you get unrivaled quality in stills and video.


Matching videos and stills

By being shot on the same set,  your stills and videos match, giving your customers a consistent experience.


Complete creative freedom 

Get the perfect look with touch controlled, directional lighting and fully customizable flooring and backdrops.


Meet the brain
behind it all.

A smart, fully integrated robotic camera system moves,
slides, tilts and zooms to get the shots you need.
Using Live's proprietary Style Engine, the camera
setup intelligently works alongside the user.
It's all based on what style you want.


Seamless file management

All of your stills and videos are saved based on product name. All you need to do is grab your files from the shared StyleShoots Drive. 


Single user operation

Using the included iPad Pro, you can control every element of the Live machine. And see the results swiftly in glorious detail.



Ready for sharing

Within minutes, your videos and stills are formatted to your preset style, ratio and dimensions. All you need to do is check and publish. 


The story behind StyleShoots Live


Fast content at your fingertips. 

Touch controlled lights and camera. Live view. Instant review. StyleShoots Live was designed to condense the production workflow and put control in the hands of your creatives. Literally. 

With a fluid interface that allows you to have a complete overview of your shoot, you only need to style and direct your models. Lights. Camera. Action. It's all designed for extreme ease of use.


Faster. Happier. More productive shoots. 

Get up close and personal with your models. Rectify any issues on the fly. Achieve better shots in less time. Use that time to create more content. 

With instant review of your footage and a simpler, less busy studio environment, your stylists and creatives can work more closely with your models to get the perfect footage.


Watch our video Tutorials.

Take to the stage. And make it yours. 

See example content made with Live


Customize backdrops. Add props. Change the flooring. With StyleShoots Live, you gain complete creative control to achieve any look you want.

Focus on creating expressive, colourful portraits like those you see in a magazine, or create a neutral product focused look. The creative possibilities are infinite. And they're all up to you. 



Engage your audience. Everywhere. Always.

Show off your latest products and collections. Feed your hungry followers with high quality content. Own your owned channels. StyleShoots Live gives you all the tools you need to be a more engaging and creative brand. Wherever your customers live.


Get a Live demo. Live.


Get a personal demonstration of StyleShoots Live. 

To see the model magic in action, follow the link below to book an appointment.

Wherever you are in the world, it doesn't matter - we can demo over the web or you can come visit us in our showroom. 



3-Axis Camera Head and Imaging System

Canon EOS camera.
Zoom, Tilt and Translation.

Lighting System

High-CRI LED panels fully controllable from
the iPad with the unique Light Controller feature.


MP4 and MOV in configurable aspect ratios,
dimensions, and resolutions.


JPG, PNG, TIFF and RAW in configurable
aspect ratios, and dimensions.