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Mannequins for e-commerce


Used by high-scale agencies, fashion brands and photography studios around the world, our modular mannequins have magnetic, removable pieces which allow anyone to create the perfect fashion e-commerce catalogue.

Our mannequins act as the ideal equipment for any professional photo studio that needs to produce invisible mannequin packshots easily and quickly, while maintaining a high level of image quality. 


Why our modular mannequins are
the best for product photography


A reliable solution for every photographer

These high-quality mannequins have finished surfaces as well as optional Wheel Stands™. They save plenty of time and effort in the photoshoot and editing processes. 

High quality materials that guarantee pristine results

The precision fits between all modular and moving parts, as well as maintaining a high-quality finish designed to work in conjunction with studio lighting, is what makes our mannequins different from similar products on the market. 

The removable parts speed up a studio's workflow

The magnet function on each part gives the photographer and the rest of the crew the opportunity to work faster with each outfit. This ease of use makes our mannequins perfect for a wide range of photography studio setups. 


Made from
exclusive materials

All mannequins are carefully crafted from either
fiber glass or lightweight plastic. Our mannequins
are durable, lightweight, magnetic and can be used
for any studio setup. 



Created for the perfect 'hollow man' effect

By removing or adding pieces, the mannequin becomes
nearly invisible in your image while still keeping the shape of
the garment. This means minimum post-production efforts
and flawless imagery. 

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Designed in the EU

Each mannequin we sell undergoes strict quality control checks to ensure top standards and longevity. All mannequins are produced in environments where good working conditions and fair labor practices are a priority. 


Our range


Mohr Models

Mohr’s E-Shop Models are the highest quality mannequins available on the market. They hand design and produce all of their mannequins in their Berlin factory - using only the highest quality construction and materials. Premium quality & matte finish for improved lighting and reflectivity.


Magic Mannequin

Originally designed to be used with StyleShoots Vertical - our all-in-one photo machine for mannequin photography - Magic Mannequin is StyleShoots’ own in-house creation and can be used in any setup. Made of lightweight and incredibly durable plastic.


Ghost Mnqs

StyleShoots is the exclusive worldwide distributor of Pentherformes’ Ghost mnqs. Designed for studios with more exacting demands in their product photography, these shapely mannequins have a high quality matte-white finish and are made from glass fiber.


Specifications Mohr Models

Premium quality matte finish for improved lighting and reflectivity
Two or three removable magnetic neck pieces depending on the model
Removable magnetic neck piece and arms for more styling versatility
Optional Wheel Stand

Specifications Magic mannequins

Hard wearing, lightweight white plastic that survives bumps, scrapes and drops
Full body sized mannequin with removable arms, legs, and chest pieces
Magnets and sliding pins
Optional Wheel Stand

Specifications Ghost mnqs

Matte-white coating to reduce incoming light reflections
Quality fiber-glass construction makes Ghost mnqs light
and easy to work with
Removable magnetic neck piece and arms for more styling versatility
Optional Wheel Stand

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Take a look at our tutorials. They can help you improve your mannequin product photography. 

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We recommend the StyleShoots Vertical machine for mannequin photography.
All our mannequins are compatible with it.


Elevate your mannequin product photography to the next level with StyleShoots Vertical.
Create. Amazing Content. Fast.

Both Ghost Mnqs and Magic Mannequins are compatible with StyleShoots Vertical.