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Technology Meets Fashion - NYC Open House Invitation

The Future is Now.  Attend the "Technology Meets Fashion” NYC Open House and experience the most advanced imaging solutions specifically designed for the fashion industry.  All of these solutions increase efficiency and productivity, ultimately saving significant time and money compared to traditional methods.

What you will see:

#1 StyleShoots Version 2 Product Launch

Come and test drive the latest StyleShoots Photo Systems.  Now featuring a new LED lighting system using Rotolight technology.  Full light control can be managed with a swipe of your finger across the iPad display.  Produce a product shot with automatic background removal in 10 seconds!


#2 Visual Retailing: MockShop

See how you can visually merchandise StyleShoots product images on fixtures in store in minutes in virtual 3D reality.  Put entire product lines into a manageable perspective with MockShop’s visualization tool.  Drag and drop to build the store of your dreams. Execute channel/account specific merchandising and visual direction in 25% - 40% less time.


#3 Ghost Mannequins

Save time and money by integrating ghost mannequins into your photography workflow.  Modular Ghost mannequins allow you to remove the parts of the mannequin so the camera does not see them at time of image capture, thereby eliminating the need to do the removal in post-editing.


#4 On-Mannequin to On-Model Conversion Service

Would you like on-model images, but found the cost and time associated with creating these images too high? Significantly reduce the costs and time of on-model photography by converting on-mannequin images into on-model images.  Increase your sales conversion rates, lower your costs, sell more!



Focal Media Group
NYC StyleShoots Showroom
262  W. 38th St  #203
New York, NY 10018


October 21st and 22nd

9:00am - 5:00pm

Drop by and experience what FMG can offer you any time during the event. Skip the queue by filling in the registration form here.