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Canon EXPO Paris 2015 showing the future of product photography


StyleShoots prominently featured at Canon EXPO Paris 2015 VIP show.

Providing guests with an insight into Canon’s unique range of technologies and solutions, Canon EXPO 2015 (13-15 October, Paris) will demonstrate how, from image capture through to output, products can interconnect to enrich both lives and businesses through imaging experiences. StyleShoots is exclusively featured to represent the future of product photography.

With a dedicated zone for professional photographers, videographers and print service providers, Canon EXPO’s ‘PROFESSIONAL’ hub brings to life real-world scenarios for a truly experiential and informative three-day event. 

In the PROFESSIONAL zone, visitors can step into various live settings and gather insights into how Canon’s emerging technologies and solutions are addressing current business trends. Visitors will be immersed in the creative world, addressing the challenges of reaching diverse customers through different media with engaging content created with Canon’s range of products – extending uniquely from image capture through to output. Visitors can witness, and take part in, the end-to-end production of both printed and digital content, from personalised marketing collateral to product photography, wide format print and moving image.