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Photo and video equipment for fashion e-commerce enabling studio production 4x faster.

StyleShoots Eclipse.

A powerful plug-and-play machine.
Capture, edit and export stills and videos of shoes and accessories.


One machine.
For all shoes.

An all-in-one turnkey solution equipped with lighting, Canon EOS camera, powerful Mac and an iPad with integrated, user-friendly software.

Created with comfort and set design flexibility in mind, Eclipse allows you full access to change backdrops and props quickly.

The ergonomic working height and the compact size of the machine make it the perfect addition to your e-commerce studio.


500+ photos.
100+ videos.
Every day.

The seamless Eclipse workflow automates your content production process and allows you to supercharge your daily output immensely. Capture every angle with the 4 axes of robotic camera movement. Eclipse will record, edit and get you ready-to-export files within minutes.


Video is the battlefield. Win it.

Watch as Eclipse records, edits and outputs cinematic videos of your products. You simply design your own Video Presets and let the machine repeat, repeat, repeat…
Effortlessly capture photos and video of all your products.


Live view@2x.jpg

Top camera for positioning

A secondary camera is mounted above the turntable to help you place the shoe. Achieve consistency without any lasers. 


Customizable templates

Eclipse lets you customize templates that will show off the right angles of your product. It's time to get creative. 

color accuracy@2x-2.jpg

Color accuracy

Eclipse's Canon EOS camera delivers consistent colors for photos and videos. Reduce return rates with accurate product representation. 


Eclipse versus the competition.

The only true all-in-one solution.


 Video vs 360°

360° offers a cringy experience. Too slow to load, making your website perform worse and your customers frustrated. It often looks inaccurate as well. Instead, focus on creating cinematic videos that really show the beauty of your product from the right angles within a press of a button. Eclipse creates ready to export to web, social and signage videos within minutes. Tell a story in the right way.


Eclipse Video



Creativity on your own terms

The possibilities are endless. Eclipse can be used to push creative boundaries or to
create standard, yet flawless e-commerce imagery. All-in-one tool to represent the
true voice of your brand. A perfect addition to your studio.


Get StyleShoots Eclipse

Reduce returns and increase sales with cinematic
videos and crisp photos of your footwear collection.