Our powerful machines.


StyleShoots Live

This square magically stays the same size, since it is a square to start with.

Such is the wonder of the Poster block.

StyleShoots Live

Our complete live model studio in one machine. The camera moves based on your presets and edits smooth videos ready for your online store and social media.

You control the powerful lights from the built-in iPad Pro, and trigger high-res shots based on your preset framings, so you're sure to get the poses you need, every time.


Horizontal and Vertical

These two powerhouses enable your photo studio to produce Hollow Mannequin- and Flat Lay product photography faster than ever before.

Our Auto Alpha technology automatically cuts out the background from the image, and Light Controller lets you adjust the lighting right from the included iPad.


StyleShoots Eclipse

Designed for footwear, accessories and smaller products, this is our most efficient machine yet. With it's clever sequence feature, you just tap a button and let it work.

The four-axis camera and turntable move in orchestration to capture crisp stills and cinematic product videos for your webshop and social media, all in a compact design.