Product Update #4

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In case you are new to this list, this is where you’ll get occasional product development updates from StyleShoots. No sales pitches. For a good example of what you can expect, see our Update #2.

App 2.0.5 is out today for all Live customers

A few weeks ago we strengthened the communication between the iPad app and internal Core on our Live and Eclipse machines. This unfortunately had a side effect we overlooked. On Eclipse you can swipe horizontally to rotate the turntable, but on Live there isn’t any turntable. So if you’d perform a swipe that kinda had a horizontal movement to it, it could miss-register and the system would get all confused.

We’ve now sorted it out, so Live View on Live won’t freeze due to this.

Thanks to all who reported the bug.

Anders Jorgensen, Head of Product and Marketing

Recent Software Releases

April 29, 2019

Core 2.0.4 for Live and Eclipse

This release brings all the improvements from 2.0.3 to Live, plus a memory leak fix. We uncovered an incompatibility with Live in 2.0.3 relating to calibration, so we only deployed to Eclipse. This release is compatible with both Eclipse and Live.

Release notes


April 29, 2019

App 2.0.4 for Live and Eclipse

A plethora of user interface enhancements and safeguards relating to Presets, Exports, Composer, Outfits/Products, and more.

Known bugs
Live: If you record a clip that is shared across multiple video presets, the user interface might not automatically update to show the clip in the other videos. Workaround: Exit and re-enter the Composer screen.

Release notes

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