Product Update #2

Hi there. Since the last update a lot of our attention here at StyleShoots has been spent on Eclipse.

We took the hard decision of pausing all Eclipse deliveries for a few months to take our learnings from the first batch and turn them into hardware and software improvements.

Last week we started rolling out Core 2.0.3 to all Eclipse machines. Late this week we will start rolling out to Live as well – we had to iron out some motor calibration routines that needed separate attention on Live.


Assembling the first prototype of the updated Eclipse hardware before re-starting shipments. Key improvements will be retrofittable to existing machines.


Validating new electronics and mechatronics at one of our test stations.

Meanwhile, we are planning a complete transition of the software foundation for all Horizontal and Vertical V2 (mid 2015 and onwards) machines. This will mean a complete transition to the bleeding edge Swift code base that our Live and Eclipse machines are running on. It will also mean a unification of the user interface and workflow across our product line. This will take many months of behind-the-scenes work where it may appear as though nothing is happening, but rest assured that’s not the case.

Next up on our roadmap are two main themes – Stability and Creative control. StyleShoots machines are business critical, so we will strive to always pick stability and reliability over anything else - even if it delays or prevents a new feature. That said, we want to give our users more creative control. Particularly in the areas of camera, movement and output.

We appreciate all the feedback, so keep it coming. Hopefully many of you will recognize your input in the upcoming releases.


Anders Jorgensen, Head of Product and Marketing

Recent Software Releases

March 29, 2019

Core 2.0.3 for Eclipse and Live

Motor and color improvements, especially on Eclipse. We started rollout to Eclipse machines where the update was most critical, and will follow up with Live machines during the coming weeks.

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April 2019

App 2.0.4 for Live and Eclipse

We expect to release a new app version late this week, bringing many additional user interface safe guarding and tidying up of things.

Coming soon

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