A Caddy for your mannequins


Optimize your workflow by having multiple mannequins and stylists.

Caddy was invented to speed up your workflow. Although StyleShoots Vertical can photograph your articles fast, you still need time for styling. 

By using multiple Caddies one stylist can be shooting a product while the other preps the next.

Caddy is an accessory for StyleShoots Vertical and requires StyleShoots Vertical to function.

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1. Wheel in & out

Each mannequin sits on its own Caddy, making it easy to wheel in for the shot and out again, making room for the next.

2. Front - Back Rotation


Manual 0˚ to 180˚ rotation lets you shoot front and back without having to wheel in and out or change the lighting.

3. Background Removal

The Active Fixtures light up during the shot and are automatically removed from your images. The fixtures come in a short or long version, for legs or torsos. See samples.




Dock connector on the back for docking into StyleShoots Vertical.


Manual 0˚ - 180˚ rotation with end point locking and release pedal.

Materials & Components

Dimmable LED fixtures.
Powder coated steel structure.
Swivel castors. Front castors with rotation lock pedals.



Height (short version): 79 cm | 31.1 inch
Height (tall version): 117 cm | 46 inch

Length: 62 cm | 24.4 inch
Width: 50 cm | 19.7 inch
Weight: 29 kgs | 64 lb


Learn more about Caddy

Get in touch with a member of our team to learn how the Caddy together with StyleShoots Vertical can speed up your product photography process. You can also click the link to see how Caddy can streamline your content production when used with StyleShoots Vertical.