Why you should embrace Studio Automation

Automation is nothing new. You’re an automation expert already.


Regardless of whether you’re creating your content in-house or with the help of an external vendor, there are some challenges that are unavoidable in either scenario.

You are typically dealing with the 3 main needs of good studio and e-commerce managers:

  • The need for speed

“We need everything yesterday”

  • The constant desire for high-quality content

“Everything needs to be hi-res and consistent”

  • The strive for “half the cost”

    “We need to cut our costs significantly”

The truth is that these are not unattainable goals. Far from it. However, they are significantly more difficult to achieve if you’re planning to work with the same amount of people, the same setup and half the budget in a traditional studio set up. This is when things become problematic.

However you twist and turn, the end result of the equation will be the same - one of these requirements will have to be sacrificed in order for the other two to thrive.

With a traditional studio setup, you can only have 2 so choose wisely.


There is a solution.

And that solution lies within automation.

You can have it all - the high-quality content, the increased workflow speed and the significant reductions in costs. By implementing efficient technology in their studio, brands like HEMA save significant amounts of valuable resources on an annual basis in content production.

Plenty of people are skeptical or even afraid of embracing studio automation. However, they should not. There is nothing to fear - automation is nothing new. You probably haven’t realized it yet but you are an automation expert already. Think about it. Every time you use your coffee machine, your washing machine or your computer, you use automation.

The goal of automation is to save you time from doing tasks that might as well be handed off to a mechanical assistant. One of the main reasons why some are hesitant to introduce such a solution into their business is because they picture a reality in which the big bad machine takes away the jobs of hard-working honest people, like photographers e.g.

That is an inaccurate idea of the actual reality. Automation is not about replacing people's skills. It's about making things more organized and efficient so people can use their skills and time in more meaningful, productive ways.


When automating the content production workflow in a studio, the photographer (and the rest of the team) is an essential part of the process. You can get all the fancy gadgets in the world, but if there’s nobody who has the creative vision or the skills to craft beautiful images and videos, this tech will be close to useless.

The thing is, automation will happen regardless of people’s hesitations. The e-commerce industry will be no exception. Instead of resisting the change, possibly it is a good idea to ask yourself:

  • What can I do to avoid doing tasks that can be done by robots?

  • How can I save time and resources by using automation?

Answering such simple yet necessary questions will not only do miracles for your staff, workflow and business in general but it will help you recognize a valuable opportunity ahead of time. Being a pioneer ahead of common trends is what gives you that special competitive edge.

We’re here to guide your transition to an automated studio. Check our solutions here or simply reach out to let us know how we can help you.

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