Studio Azap reduces clients’ product cycles with StyleShoots machines

Bringing technology tailored for big e-commerce players to smaller brands

Studio Azap in Paris.

Studio Azap in Paris.


Studio Azap is a Paris based e-commerce content creation studio that services many brands in the heart of the city. We spoke to Studio Azap about its story, what they do and what their vision is for the future.

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StyleShoots Live.

StyleShoots Live.

What does Studio Azap do?

We are an e-commerce content creation studio which works as a self-service or full service studio, for small or big brands, mainly in the fashion industry.

When was Studio Azap born?

Studio Azap opened in February 2018 - but it is the result of months of work and years of thinking, as we’ve been aware of StyleShoots machines since 2013. 

How was Studio Azap created?

The main idea was to bring a technology tailored for big e-commerce players in the hands of smaller brands that couldn’t buy a machine or wouldn’t have the needs to buy one. 


Can you tell us in more detail what type of services do you offer?

We are offering self-service rental with « à-la-carte » add-ons. Base price includes the machine and a training. If you need a stylist, we book one. If you need someone to steam or iron, we find one.

If you need your images to be retouched, we take care of this. And if you want us to manage your shooting, just arrange the shipping and we’ll do it. From A to Z and asap : AZAP!

Where are you based?

We are in the center of Paris, 15 min from everywhere in the city, in a district where there is a vibrant community of designers, concept stores and fashion brands. 

What makes you different from other studio providers?

The initial concept, is « Come with your products. Leave with your images ». That’s what makes the difference. StyleShoots machines allow this run-and-gun way of shooting. 

What is your vision for the future of Studio Azap?

Machines are great. They will get even better with software updates and hardware upgrades. I think the future of Studio Azap is about services, whether that is consulting or making clients feel good while shooting.

How did you stumble upon StyleShoots?

Romain (the founder) has spent 10 years working in the photo industry (lighting and optical filters for photo, tv and films) and he heard about StyleShoots from the beginning. 


How did you make the decision to buy StyleShoots equipment?

When Horizontal was released, followed by the Vertical, it was a very cool promise that something new was happening in this industry, but too soon to get into it. It wasn’t until the Live came out that the idea of an open studio begun to emerge.

The more challenging part was to find a place that could host the full range of StyleShoots machines. Luckily, the Eclipse footprint is rather small and we had a remaining area where it fits as if we knew it was coming.

StyleShoots Eclipse.

StyleShoots Eclipse.

What are the biggest benefits of using StyleShoots machines?

Thanks to the amazing StyleShoots technologies, you can come to the studio, even with just one item to shoot and in a matter of minutes, you have a professional photo or video at an affordable price.

That’s just mind-blowing and a game changer for a lot of brands, which tends to reduce their product cycles. They still have a lot to shoot, but the timeframe is different from what used to be fall/winter-spring/summer.

They shoot smaller quantities at a time but more frequently and StyleShoots offers this great flexibility. On Eclipse + Live, we keep the settings of our clients from one shooting to another so that they just have to pop in and shoot. On Horizontal + Vertical, we made template overlays to help them being consistent.

What are the biggest differences you’ve noticed between using StyleShoots machines and a traditional studio setup?

StyleShoots machines allow a clean working environment. No cables, no tripods, no flashlights. The atmosphere is more relaxed, less stressful than in a busy studio. Lighting is the same from one shooting to another and there’s no need to spend minutes to get the same setup.

Everything is thought to save time : scanning barcodes to name images, overlays to keep consistency, saving our clients presets and framings. And image quality is stunning! It’s efficient, reliable and fast. You know in advance what you pay for.


What type of clients do you get on a regular basis?

60% of our clients are small to medium size fashion brands who like the flexibility of using StyleShoots machines. 30% are big to very big brands or online retailers who like the productivity and consistency offered by the machines.

10% are non-fashion brands who suddenly discover a place where they can shoot what they have in mind. They like to be free from all the technical stuff (aperture, iso, shutter speed, lighting and so on) and just focus on the creative vision. It is delightful to see them experimenting what the machines can do, and very inspiring.

How do you advertise the perks of using StyleShoots equipment to your potential clients?

As they are very busy, the hardest part is to convince them to come by for a demo: it is the only way to get the « Wow » effect! Once they’re in, they understand how it can help them, and it gives them possibilities that would have been unreasonable in a regular studio : like shooting 4k videos of models in the Live or making a video traveling shot of a pair of shoes with Eclipse. 

Clients sometime feel apprehension toward technology. We hear phrases like « It is the end of photographers! ». We have to explain it is the complete opposite. On a packshot or e-commerce shooting, the stylist is the most important person, not the photographer.

With StyleShoots, the stylist is sometimes the photographer : it is rewarding for the stylist but most importantly, it is reducing cost for brands – and guess where they spend the savings ? In beautiful campaigns led by talented photographers !

StyleShoots Live in Studio Azap.

StyleShoots Live in Studio Azap.



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