LIGHT 18 supercharges content for fashion brands with StyleShoots machines

An interview with LIGHT 18, NYC

By Veselina Gerova

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LIGHT 18 is not your average content production photo studio. The team at LIGHT 18 makes it easy for brands and designers to create e-commerce imagery and creative fashion content. Their secret weapon is StyleShoots equipment. Working with many big fashion brands, the studio has to deliver consistent, high-quality diverse content for their e-commerce websites, fast. In this interview article, you will learn what LIGHT 18 does, what services they offer, how they use StyleShoots machines to benefit their business model and much more.

We spoke to Leo Veiga, co-founder of LIGHT 18 team about it all.

What does LIGHT 18 do? 

We are an e-commerce photography studio producing flat-lay, ghost mannequin, and on-model imagery for brands and designers. 

What type of services do you offer? 

We offer full-service (you ship it, we shoot it) as well as self-service (studio rental) options.

Where are you based? 

We are located in the heart of Manhattan’s garment district in NYC.

When was LIGHT 18 born? 

LIGHT 18 was born in the summer of 2017.

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What makes you different from other studio providers? 

We are different because we are a StyleShoots studio, which allows people from a variety of different backgrounds to rent the studio and conduct their own shoot with very little training.

We also pride ourselves in creating bespoke packages for our clients to create tailor-made solutions for their unique needs. Some of our clients may need help retouching - others may need help from a stylist. We try to fill in the blanks to create a unique experience that is seamless and efficient. 

How did you stumble upon StyleShoots?

I was working at a traditional photo studio and read about the technology in a popular photography blog. I thought the technology was very interesting and one thing led to another before eventually opening LIGHT 18.

How did you make the decision to buy StyleShoots equipment? 

My partners and I believe that e-commerce is only going to increase in importance - offering a service that allows brands to stay competitive in that space was an easy decision to make. 

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What are the biggest benefits of using StyleShoots machines? 

StyleShoots machines are easy-to-use. The iPad interface allows anyone to take control and create imagery for their brand.

What are the biggest differences you’ve noticed between using StyleShoots machines and a traditional studio setup? 

We find that StyleShoots technology allows you to get more done in the same amount of time.

Because the machines are an all-in-one solution, you spend less time setting up and more time actually shooting.

This also allows for consistency across shoots, even if they happen days or weeks after each other.

What type of clients do you get on a regular basis? 

Due to our location, we work with a variety of clients. From fresh designers who are just getting their first samples in, to established brands with specific styling requirements. Our clients are really diverse, which makes the studio a really fun environment to work in.

How do you advertise the perks of using StyleShoots equipment to your potential clients? 

We like to tell our clients if they can use an iPad, they can take creative control in our studio!

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About Light 18

Light 18 uses StyleShoots machines.

Light 18 is not your average studio. They use StyleShoots machines to cut costs dramatically by streamlining a brand’s production process. This type of “turnkey set-up“ allows them to offer to studio services to a variety of clients for affordable prices without sacrificing quality.