Exposar uses StyleShoots to help fashion brands grow

The studio that helps brands convert and lower the return rates with premium content


Exposar is a content production studio that works with StyleShoots machines to help brands achieve growth in the e-commerce space. They excel at assisting you in showing your target audience the value of your brand. With the help of various forms of photography, product descriptions and e-commerce advice, they aid their customers with making the right choice.

We spoke to Norbert Brenninkmeijer, Founder and CEO of Exposar, about the company, what Exposar brings to the table that other studios don’t and more.

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What is Exposar?

Founded in 2010, Exposar is the most innovative product photography company in the Netherlands. They’re dedicated to creating fashion product content for their clients that converts. By using the StyleShoots technology, Exposar helps fashion brands to create product videos and product photography for richer consumer interaction, engagement and more sales.

How was Exposar created?

Exposar was founded by Norbert Brenninkmeijer (CEO of the company) and started off as the first market place for fashion retailers in the Netherlands. When Exposar saw the need for high-quality product photos from both fashion retailers and fashion brands, Exposar decided to seize this opportunity and dove into this gap in the market.

Can you tell us in more detail what type of services you offer?

For the modern day customer journey, it is key to attract the right audience to your website. We see product/catalogue page and product detail page (PDP) as our domain. We create premium product content that converts and at the same time lowers the return rates. Services like product photography, model photography and model video (and product copy) are key ingredients for a good content strategy. 

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Where are you based?

Exposar HQ is based in the World Fashion Centre in Amsterdam.

When was Exposar born?

The current product content studio was born in August 2014.

What makes you different from other studio providers?

Exposar has a highly innovative DNA and we believe passion and focus makes everything flourish. With richer, more premium content, our brands/clients can inform the consumer better, which helps to lower their return rate and supports a more sustainable fashion industry. Since the fashion industry is the second polluting industry of the world, we see it as our duty to help revolutionize the fashion industry by making it a more sustainable and efficient industry.

We have a background in e-commerce, and we know how important it is to have the right product content at the right time. Time to market is key in the fashion industry and we help brands achieving this.

How did you stumble upon StyleShoots?

We saw StyleShoots on a fair in 2011/2012, when they were launching the StyleShoots Horizontal.

How did you make the decision to buy StyleShoots equipment?  

We saw the need of 3D product photography increasing, so we waited until the StyleShoots Vertical was launched in 2014. Since we have an e-commerce background, we did not have any experience in photography. Besides that, we were looking for a solution which could provide consistent content, time after time, collection after collection.

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What are the biggest benefits of using StyleShoots machines?

Consistency. The workflow is more or less the same for all machines. There is no photographer needed and led lights/day lights create a better solution than flash lights if it comes to achieving true full colors.

What are the biggest differences you’ve noticed between using StyleShoots machines and a traditional studio setup?

Workflow, focus on styling and consistency. Those are all amazing benefits of the StyleShoots equipment.

What type of clients do you get on a regular basis?

All kinds of brands. Our solution works the best for larger fashion brands with bigger and multiple collections.

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