Dutch tech partnership sends ripples through e-commerce photo studios worldwide.

An awaited collaboration between StyleShoots and Bright River

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StyleShoots, a leading company in e-commerce photography, and Bright River, a global leader in visual content solutions for e-commerce brands, announced today a cloud-based integration allowing content to seamlessly flow from the point-of-capture to post-production processing without any manual steps. 

Both based in Haarlem, Netherlands, StyleShoots – the leader in studio automation solutions – and Bright River – a pioneer in visual content optimization that is data-driven – are presenting a seamless cloud integration that will instantly benefit thousands of photo studios and e-commerce fashion brands and retailers worldwide. E-commerce photo studios around the world all share the same challenge of generating more high-quality content in less and less time. 

“Both of our companies are already business critical in our customer’s workflow of rapid content creation, so it only makes sense that we join forces and create a cloud-based integration,” says David Jonkers, CEO at Bright River. 

StyleShoots solves the point-of-capture bottleneck with its all-in-one equipment for automated photo- and video production. Bright River solves the post-processing and quality assurance bottleneck by facilitating high-volume image management via a full-service SAAS platform, allowing media houses, marketing departments and photo studios to release high quality product images and videos for e-commerce. 

“The bridge between point-of-capture and post-processing should be as seamless as possible. StyleShoots’ equipment and Bright River’s services are already a perfect fit, and now files travel seamlessly between the two stages of the customer’s workflow” adds Maurits Teunissen, CEO at StyleShoots. 

StyleShoots and Bright River will gradually be rolling out a suite of cloud based integrations, saving photo studios across the globe from manual file-transfers. 

From left to right: Maurits Teunissen, CEO at StyleShoots and David Jonkers, CEO at Bright River.

From left to right: Maurits Teunissen, CEO at StyleShoots and David Jonkers, CEO at Bright River.