StyleShoots brings Canon’s EOS R to automated e-commerce studios worldwide.


Haarlem, Netherlands, May 14, 2019: Canon has worked with studio automation equipment maker StyleShoots to bring EOS R - Canon’s innovative full frame mirrorless system - to StyleShoots’ full lineup of photography and video equipment during 2019, reaching a global audience who will go on to capture millions of photos and terabytes of videos for fashion e-commerce.

“Canon’s EOS R, with fewer moving parts compared to a traditional DSLR type camera,  is perfectly suited for our automated photography setups where flawless continuous operation is essential,” says Anders Jorgensen, StyleShoots Head of Product and Marketing.


After months of working closely with Canon’s teams, the Netherlands based company StyleShoots has integrated the EOS R hardware into its full lineup of automated robotic photo studio equipment. The full-frame mirrorless camera body is being controlled at the lowest level via an exclusive-access version of Canon’s EOS Digital SDK.

With e-commerce requiring ever faster pace and greater output quality, in both videos and photos, StyleShoots has earned its place since launching their first products in 2011.

“Canon is the only camera provider with both a strong heritage, a relevant hardware lineup and a powerful SDK allowing pro integrators like StyleShoots to change the content production landscape” continues Anders Jorgensen.

The Canon EOS R is a full frame mirrorless camera offering 30.3 MP resolution and 4K video recording, with fewer moving parts than DSLRs. This makes it perfect for StyleShoots’ international customers who include brands like Nike, Zalando, TJX Group, Forever 21 and Macy’s, as well as service providers like Splashlight, Studio K, Convyr and Light 18. 

“By integrating Canon’s innovative EOS R lineup into our automated photography machines, our customers worldwide will be able to produce more content, at higher quality, with even higher reliability and consistency”, adds Jorgensen.

Anders Jorgensenpress