Canon uncovers the technology behind StyleShoots

Shining a light on one-touch fashion photography

In a recent feature posted on the Canon Professional Network, we let their editors get under the hood of our StyleShoots Vertical and Horizontal machines to give a tell-all story covering the development and history of the world's first all-in-one product photography machines.

Of course our very own Anders Jorgensen, Head of Product and Marketing here at StyleShoots, was more than happy to let his inner design-geek out and expose the technology powering the machines when speaking to CPN editor David Corfield. 

In the article, Anders goes into detail on the initial stages of development when designing StyleShoots and explains how before StyleShoots came on the market 'nobody was taking a step back and looking at how studio product photography could be improved'.

Lighting reimagined

Simply by making slight adjustments to a garment’s lighting, drastically different styling effects can be achieved. 

For the first time, photographers and stylists can now directly manipulate global light balance by swiping a finger up, down, across or diagonally over the iPad’s live view. 

He goes on further to give the reasoning behind the use of the industry's camera of choice — the Canon EOS 5D Mark III DSLR — within the machines and why the StyleShoots' proprietary image cut-out technology just wouldn't work without Canon's leading SDK.

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Anders Jorgensen