Maxi Sport uses StyleShoots Live to shoot latest collections

Omni-channel sportswear retailer uses StyleShoots Live to serve up better content at lower costs



Haarlem, The Netherlands, October 19, 2017 –  Multi-brand Italian sportswear retailer Maxi Sport has begun to use StyleShoots Live - the world’s first robotic photo and video studio - to create visual content for its new product collections. The company shoots up to 100 products a day from its headquarters in Merate, Italy.

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Maxi Sport, with stores located in Milan and an eCommerce operation, have recently procured StyleShoots Live as part of their investment into their content strategy. StyleShoots Live is a robotic ‘all-in-one’ studio that allows users to shoot on-model videos and stills faster than traditional methods.

A Canon DSLR is housed within a motorized camera setup, controlled via an iPad interface. A single user operates the whole machine - including a custom built lighting rig from Rotolight where global light balance can be manipulated by swiping a finger.

StyleShoots Live Interface.png

“It’s important to be able to shoot products as fast as possible so we can get them in front of customers. With StyleShoots Live, the time to market is much shorter.” adds Sala.

As video becomes increasingly important to brands’ content strategies, Live gives Maxi Sport the ability to shoot videos of models wearing the latest collections for their website and social media.

Using the machine’s Style Engine, a single user can create videos that are automatically edited according to customizable presets. Both stills and videos of models can be shot in the same set, removing the need to color match or have multiple sets for images and video.

“Through a video you can see how the product moves and looks under varying lighting. You can better understand what you’re buying.” adds Sala.

“We developed StyleShoots Live because we realized the importance of simplifying all the technical aspects of a fast paced model shoot. Brands like Maxi Sport need to not only create more content, they should be able to do it faster and more easily.” says Anders Jorgensen, Head of Product and Marketing at StyleShoots.

“Video gives brands the possibility to consistently engage their audiences better on all channels - whether that be via websites, Instagram, Snapchat, or the next big thing in social.” finally adds Jorgensen.



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About Maxi Sport

Maxi Sport is one of the most important retailers focused on sporting and fashion goods in the Italian market.

The website offers thousand of items and more than 400 brands to compose a unique selection for man, woman and kids: fashion and sneakers, running, training, ski and snowboard, football, basketball, scuba diving, tennis, golf and much more. In addition to their website, Maxi Sport has three stores located near Milan.

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About StyleShoots

StyleShoots was founded to simplify one of the most critical parts of fashion e-commerce - product photography - by designing and manufacturing the world’s first all-in-one photo machines for fashion.

In 2011 the company's first product StyleShoots Horizontal revolutionized flat photography. In 2013 StyleShoots Vertical brought the same ease of use to mannequin photography. In 2017, StyleShoots Live was launched to redefine live model photography and video production. StyleShoots' products are the result of Dutch engineering, Danish design philosophy and a fascination with sleek, useful technology.

Fashion brands and online retailers around the world use StyleShoots as their in-house photo equipment, including, George at ASDA, Zalando, Zulily, Toys"R"Us, and more.

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