StyleShoots shortlisted for 'Best Innovation in Fashion Retail' at the Drapers Awards 2016

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We're excited to announce that StyleShoots has been selected as a finalist for 'Best Innovation in Fashion Retail' at the 2016 Drapers Awards. Taking place on 17 November at Old Billingsgate, London, the highly-respected industry awards recognize the top performing and most innovative businesses in the world of fashion retailing. Read on to learn more - and find out why we we're in the running for the prestigious title. 


Best Innovation in Fashion Retail

This award recognises a retailer’s implementation of technological innovation that has made a sustainable impact on the operation of its business and the experience of its customers in the past 12 months.

This could include new customer monitoring technology, customer engagement advances, a supply chain innovation, technology to simplify the final point of sale, or a business process innovation.  

2015's winners of Best Innovation in Fashion Retail was our customer Zalando for their Photosearch app.


"Drapers is the pre-eminent publication in the industry and their Awards are the most important."

- Mark Sebba, CEO, Net-a-Porter, Fashion Retailing Personality of the Year winner 2014


Revolutionizing fashion content production

With the goal to simplify one of the most costly and time consuming elements of selling clothes online - as well as driving in-store sales - StyleShoots was designed from the ground up to revolutionize the world of fashion product photography. 

The driving force behind the conception of StyleShoots was understanding that setting up a photo studio for shooting and cutting out the background of product shots is time intensive and extremely repetitive - especially when it comes to dealing with the thousands of images that fashion retailers process every day. By removing the frustration and repetition, and instead allowing more time to be spent on great styling, brands can improve their photographic content immensely.


“…nobody was stepping all the way back and reviewing how they take a product shot in the first place. That’s what we did.”

- Anders Jorgensen, Head of Product & Marketing at StyleShoots

The idea was to create an almost completely automated 'one-touch' system where every element of a photo studio was packaged into one, and controlled from a single interface. This has the benefit of allowing a stylist to spend more time styling and shooting their garments - without them needing to understand the technical science behind photography or wasting time adjusting their set equipment. 

Designed to cover 80 percent of fashion-based objects StyleShoots can shoot a range of apparel such as shirts, dresses, blazers, jeans, kids clothing, mens, women's - you name it. 


Now used by fashion brands worldwide

As the world's only iPad controlled all-in-one photo machines for mannequin photography, lay-flat photography and tabletop photography, our units are now installed at more than 300 fashion brands worldwide.

Big names such as Zalando, Forever 21, Zulily, Kaufhof, Marks & Spencer already use them - taking over 2 million photos per year.

Stephen Warr