StyleShoots becomes exclusive worldwide distributor of Ghost MNQs

We're proud to announce we have signed an agreement to be Global Distribution Partner for Ghost MNQs - Pentherformes Group range of special ghost mannequins designed for quick and easy production of 'hollow man' effect ecommerce product photography. From 01 October 2016, all worldwide sales and distribution will be made exclusively through StyleShoots.

Following the launch of StyleShoots Vertical - our all-in-one photo machine made for shooting garments using special "invisible" mannequins - the machine is now used by leading ecommerce brands and retailers around the world such as Zalando, Zulily, Billabong Group and more to take backgroundless, web-ready shots of their clothes in minutes. 

Using these special kinds of "invisible" mannequins - such as Pentherformes’ Ghost MNQs - photographers can produce a shot that looks as if an invisible man were wearing the garments. This is also known as the ‘hollow man’ effect.

“We see this agreement as an exciting, logical step forward. Partnering up with a clear market leader in product photography allows us to focus on developing even more great new products” said Morten Bach, CSO, Pentherformes Group. 

“We are very happy to continue a partnership with the manufacturers of the highest quality invisible mannequins. Because of our growing international sales network, both parties agreed that StyleShoots’ position in the market enables it to be an arrangement that hugely benefits us both” adds Maurits Teunissen, CEO, StyleShoots.

Stephen Warr