releases up to 300 new products a day with StyleShoots

Leading UK fast fashion retailer uses StyleShoots machines to turn around and photograph new products at lightning speed - publishing up to 300 new on-trend styles per day on their website. Fast fashion at its finest? We explore how they do it. 

At its core, fast fashion is about identifying the latest trends and getting new products that capitalize on them in front of consumers as quickly as possible. This is a critical part of Boohoo's consumer offering as they scour the latest runway shoots and social media posts to see what's hot right now.

Of course, this means a huge quantity of products are constantly being pushed through Boohoo's production pipeline. Like any website that receives thousands of visitors a day, images of their new styles need to be high quality and most importantly, created fast. 

According to Andrew Thomson, International Director at Boohoo, the site published around 4,000 individual products in October 2015 - an average of about 200 per day. The most it managed in one day? 327. [1

Now, with StyleShoots machines, the company says it's able to style and shoot as many as 350 images in a single day. 

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How they do it

To enable this rapid production of product photography, Boohoo's content logistics must be tightly integrated with their supply chain. They need to be able to turn around a new product sample and publish it as quickly as possible to increase the amount of exposure - not to mention sales numbers - a new on-trend style can achieve.

All of this is done in their Manchester headquarters containing five photography studios. Everything from on-model shoots to styling and retouching is done in-house to keep a tight control on the speed and quality of their production timeline.

Now, thanks to the addition of StyleShoots Vertical and Horizontal machines can industralize this process when taking shots and uploading new articles to their site.


A stylist using one of Boohoo's several StyleShoots Vertical machines in their Manchester, UK HQ

A stylist using one of Boohoo's several StyleShoots Vertical machines in their Manchester, UK HQ


Up to 350 products have been shot in a single day using a combination of both flat lay photography (with StyleShoots Horizontal) and invisible mannequin photography (using StyleShoots Vertical).

As StyleShoots automatically detects and removes the background, there is almost no post-production work required - creating backgroundless professional quality images in a matter of seconds. 

"In 2015, we've produced approximately 45,000 products through our still-life area. Utilising both the Horizontal and Vertical StyleShoots machines we've industrialised our process and improved both the speed and quality of our product images" said Graham Reid, Head of Studio & Photography at Boohoo.

With StyleShoots Vertical Boohoo can create product images that look as if an invisible person were wearing the garment.

The process is as follows: a jacket, for instance, is dressed and styled on a special ghost mannequin that has removable head and chest pieces. A sole stylist can then simply tap a button and export a professional web-ready image for publication in a matter of seconds.

This gives Boohoo the ability to keep a consistently high production value across all of their web imagery - something that is absolutely essential when dealing with large numbers of products being uploaded every day. 

"Before we had to use [regular] shop mannequins and we had to have photographers and stylists working together" Reid explains about the added ease of use a StyleShoots machine offers. 

All of this innovative thinking combines to give Boohoo the ability to identify and turn around a new style in under two weeks. Can fast fashion get any faster than that? 


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Stephen Warr