Version 3.3 with Auto Export


Introducing Auto Export. Your photos exported right away, automatically.


Introducing Auto Export, where the system can be set to automatically export your photos as soon as they are taken. You trade in the ability to review your photos, but you gain speed. You’ll find Auto Export in Settings > Workflow.

For all customers on maintenance contract

The latest 3.3 version comes in the form of a new iPad app 3.3 and a new Core 3.3 for the embedded computer inside the machine. The update will be rolling out during the coming week to all StyleShoots customers who have an active maintenance contract and whose machines are internet connected.

Other improvements in 3.3

  • A confirmation hud was missing after a photo was successfully taken. It’s back now, to reassure you that your photo was safely “Added to Photos” - or “Exported” in case you have the new Auto Export enabled.

  • “Workflow” is the new name for what used to be called “Fast Track” in Settings.

  • The Light Composer puck can now be dismissed by clicking outside Live View area, so you don’t accidentally trigger the focus.

  • Fixed a bug that in some situations stalled the exporting of photos when the iPad was locked or turned off.

  • Fixed a few rare crashes, one of which occurred if you had more than 25 Export Presets. Now, you can have as many as you’d ever want (infinite).

  • Many other important UI improvements, bug fixes and stability enhancements that are too nerdy to mention here, but trust us - they’re really great.

  • The app now requires iOS 8 or later. This allows us to shed some technical baggage so the app is now just 5 MB in size.

  • We improved the ways we track usability issues and bug fixes, allowing our team to more efficiently squash bugs in the future.