Viva Las Vegas


The Liberty Fair in Las Vegas is over, and what a great experience.

We teamed up with our American reseller Focal Media Group at the Sands Expo of the Pallazzo / Venetian Hotel to show how easy it is to do professional product photography in less than 10 seconds.

The curated show drew an eclectic crowd of visual merchandisers, art directors and CEOs from across the fashion industry. Las Vegas was the perfect setting for this intense show full of creative buzz. Whenever visitors weren’t busy roaming the vast show halls or photographing on StyleShoots, they could gaze at the complete miniature replica of Venice on the first floor of the Venetian Hotel – see for yourself in the gallery below:

More people than we can keep track of visited our booth to play with our StyleShoots machine. And we saw the same thing happening again and again – once people realized how effortless the technology itself is, they let their creativity run loose.

Some amazing photos were created, ranging from freestyle collages to delicately propped up packshots.

Anders Jorgensen