Video: StyleShoots is booming in Turkish economy


Turkish economy is thriving, and e-commerce is one of the key driving forces.

In 2012, Turkey had an e-commerce volume of US $12.7 billion(including classifieds revenues, travel, and merchandise).

Some of the reasons why e-commerce is thriving, is an already well developed credit card system, good logistic infrastructure and increasing mobile internet usage. Add to those a young population embracing new ways of sharing, consumption and online shopping, and you’ve got an effective growth engine.

Turkey currently ranks No. 11 in worldwide internet penetration. Its 36 million internet users place the country amidst the top 20 of internet users.


StyleShoots has already seen massive adoption in Turkey as the tool of choice to keep up with e-commerce growth while keeping costs for content production – product images – under control.

Bebetto, one of Turkey’s leading baby and kids clothing manufacturers were among the early adopters of StyleShoots in 2012, and they have been benefitting from a streamlined workflow ever since.

Bebetto helped us put together a video providing insights into their workflow from product to web, with StyleShoots as the central work tool:

Anders Jorgensen