The Dot Factory boosts productivity by using StyleShoots

The Dot Factory recently installed StyleShoots at their photo studio in Manchester, UK. The Dot Factory is an all-encompassing agency offering a comprehensive service from initial concept through to finished article for a variety of media, leaflets, brochures, direct mail, catalogues and e-commerce.

StyleShoots provides us with a true digital workflow with a huge uplift in productivity.
— The Dot Factory

With StyleShoots, The Dot Factory is able to capture and process images at the click of a button (or the tap of an iPad in this case) and using some powerful software StyleShoots will also remove the background from images effectively providing The Dot Factory with an instant cut out. This is a big time saver when preparing images for an e-commerce website, and used together with their existing workflow tools The Dot Factory can offer their clients considerable time and cost savings.

“Investment in this technology was taken following the needs of clients changing, more and more retailers are offering a ‘fast fashion’ solution to their customers particularly on-line, so clothing ranges are changing more often and are needed quickly for both web and print applications. StyleShoots provides us with a true digital workflow with a huge uplift in productivity.”

The powerful camera equipment and built-in image processing software in StyleShoots supplies The Dot Factory with stunning image files with full alpha transparency, effectively skipping the entire post-processing workflow.

Clever features such as Overlays make it easy to keep product styling consistent throughout entire collections keeping online shops looking neat and professional.

StyleShoots equipment has provided us with a very consistent and high quality result.
— The Dot Factory

With previews of previous shots displayed on the bed, stylists can replicate shot after shot of still-life photography to provide our clients with stable images that sit well together on a printed page or a web page.”


Please feel free to take a look at The Dot Factory’s photography portfolio here. They are a pretty experienced team and we are glad to have made such an impression to them.

Anders Jorgensen