New software makes StyleShoots 10X faster

StyleShoots version 2.0

When StyleShoots was launched in 2011, it set a whole new benchmark for how fast products can be photographed, cut out and exported ready for web. Today we introduce a major new version of the software, making it up to 10 times faster. The update will be rolled out to all StyleShoots customers on maintenance contract within the next weeks.

What's new

  • The 3…2…1… countdown has been removed to speed things up.
  • See a preview of the result immediately after taking the picture.
  • Processing now happens in the background while you can continue working.
  • You can now start typing a name immediately after taking the photo.
  • Categories are now optional, and can even be turned off completely.
  • It’s now possible to browse the Library while the system is exporting.
  • New feature: Photo Queue. See which photos are currently exporting, right from Live View.
  • New tap to focus tip shows up whenever you’ve zoomed. Stay sharp!
  • New support for external Bluetooth barcode scanner (sold separately).
  • New feature: Fast Track.

Fast Track

Turn on Fast Track if you just want to shoot, shoot, shoot – without interruptions. StyleShoots automatically picks a name and skips the export screen. With Fast Track enabled, you can photograph as fast as you can put the products on the table.


Right, but how much faster is the new release?


NB: The new software requires updating the iPad app and the embedded system. The old and new versions are not compatible, so don’t fire up the new iPad app before the system inside StyleShoots has been remotely updated by our support team. Update of the embedded system requires an active internet connection and an active maintenance contract.

Get ready for the update!

  1. First step is getting the new iPad app. Download StyleShoots Controller 2 from the App Store using your own iTunes account or the one we created for you. If you don’t have the password, we can send it to you.
  2. Make sure your StyleShoots is connected to the internet. If it isn’t yet, get in touch so we can help you get up and running.
  3. The old app will stay on your iPad after downloading the new one. Keep using the old app until your embedded system has been updated by our support team.
  4. If your StyleShoots is connected to the web, the new embedded system will be silently downloaded in the background – you don’t have to do a thing.
  5. You will be contacted within a few weeks to get you smoothly updated to the new version. If you’ve downloaded the new app already, the transition should only take a few minutes.


Anders Jorgensen