Oranjehandelsmissie Fonds selected StyleShoots


On April 30, 2013 at the inauguration of the Dutch King Willem Alexander, KLM, ING, MKB Nederland and the Dutch Ministery of Foreign affairs initiated the Oranje Handels Missie Fonds.

By selecting 10 companies out of the hundreds of applications each year the OHMF is helping these organizations to realize their export ambitions. All of the selected companies share a high standard of innovation, growth potential and technological skills. On November 29, 2013 StyleShoots received this prestigious award from the President of KLM Mr Camiel Eurlings.

Interview of Maurits Teunissen, owner of StyleShoots:

With the support of the OHMF a tailor made trade mission to China is scheduled for 2014

We would like to thank the committee: Mr Camiel Eurlings President of KLM, Mr Ralph Hamers CEO of ING, Mr Michaël van Straalen Chairman of MKB Nederland and Mr Simon Smits Director General of the Dutch Ministery of Foreign Affairs.

Anders Jorgensen